Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's the Big Deal?

Ocean was brave enough to allow herself to be viewed for all to see. Recently, I was in town and decided to take my camera to Ocean to ask her to take some pictures. Of moi. I mean, if shy Ocean can post a picture, then it ought not to be such a trial for me, right? However, I find that as I age, I am less likely to want my picture taken.

Sheesh! What's the big deal?

Two pictures, then: Me at 50 years of age and now, at 59.


Chrystal Ocean said...

I think the big deal is that we are, possibly contrary to public perception, extremely private people. Ironically, you have to get close enough to find that out.

terrie said...

Thank You Daphne and Chrystal for getting past the shyness and fears and posting the pictures.

I too have a a strong aversion to having my picture taken so I truly appreciate that the 2 of you chose to allow us to see the people behind these great blogs.

penlan said...


You look wonderful!

Is there a newer pic of Ocean here somewhere? If so I've somehow missed it.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Click on the link Daphne provides in her post and you'll find two of them, taken January 31st.

Daphne Moldowin said...

Thanks, Penlan.

penlan said...

Hi Ocean,

Clicked on the link but it takes me to the homepage & there are no pics that I can find. Weird. How I missed the link I have no idea. It is prominent.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Thanks for heads-up. Link fixed.

penlan said...

Thanks for the link fix. You look great Ocean!!!

Teri said...

Ah, the boths of you gals look wonderful!

And your words are very wonderful too.

Thanks for writing! Much to contemplate and much to be grateful for!