Monday, June 27, 2011

Ocean's Move

At last, Ocean found a new home. On the first floor of a low rental unit, it's easily accessible to town for shopping, medical services and is next door to a lovely park.

It took great courage for Ocean to ask her friends for help. She was trusting enough to walk out of the old place and leave the entire job for us. We packed everything, arranged a truck with two helpers, employed a cleaning person to tidy up and then reassemble everything in the new digs. Another kind soul in the community donated the funds necessary to pay the cleaner, the only one to (rightly) receive financial remuneration.

Everything went 'swimmingly' and was complete, even to having the bed made, shower curtain hung and some prepared dinner in the fridge, in five short hours.

I feel honoured to have been a part of such a terrific team effort and am now blessed with Ocean's delight and appreciation.

I only hope I am as brave as she when it comes time for me to relocate.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kiltie Update Umpteen

Further to this, euthanasia will not be necessary even if the good people at Lake Cowichan Animal Rescue (LCAR), Lori and others working to help are unable to find Kiltie a home by June 24th.

Lori, who is a board member, tells me that the LCAR has a no-euthanasia policy. Unless the cat's health warrants it, euthanasia is never considered. Therefore, Kiltie should have as long a life as her little body allows.

Within an hour of arriving home last evening, Kiltie had eaten, re-christened her litter box, checked out her favourite haunts, had some serious cuddles with her original human, and consumed at least one ounce of water. Given Kiltie's size that amount of water is fantastic - the average human, at 150 lbs, is 50 times her weight. Imagine drinking 50 ounces of water in one sitting!

Kiltie had a good night, although she kept trying to get closer to her human. Said human, meanwhile, kept trying to find positions less painful (don't know why I bother) thus disturbing traumatized Kiltie unfortunately.

Kiltie tried to get me up at 3am. No dice. I was too much in pain and too damn COLD, this 14th day of JUNE, 2011 - seven days from the summer solstice.

(When the heck are we going to get SPRING?)

Kiltie - Find the Cat

Anyway, I think Kiltie may be on the mend. She had another decent visit to her water bowl this morning (and since) and ate a full breakfast - I cut down the amount somewhat for fear of her overdoing it. Now Kiltie is in her favourite spot for undisturbed sleep.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Heart Breaks: Kiltie returns, temporarily

Received this email from Lori regarding Kiltie:

Hi Ocean,

I hope this letter finds you well. I know you are preparing to move, and I send my best wishes your way.

I am sorry to have to tell you this, as I never like to cause worry and stress, but Kiltie has had to go back to the vet twice in the past week. She stopped eating and had a fever. Her saliva pocket also filled up. She is terrified of the dogs, even though they leave her alone and do not bother her at all. All of the dogs keep their distance from the cats. But dear, sweet little Kiltie is just not coming around to being comfortable. She does come out of hiding at night, as when I get up she will come to me then. The other senior cat who came at the same time has adjusted well, as she lived with a big dog before coming to us.

The vet gave Kiltie antibiotics to bring her fever down and fluids, as she was dehydrated from not eating/drinking. Things were better for a few days but now she has started to decline again. I love your little girl but it is clear she is not thriving in our home and I fear she will die if she continues to refuse to eat/drink. Also, the vet bills were $400 and this is not something that I can continue to do if she continues to refuse to eat due to stress.

I am a board member at Lake Cowichan Animal Rescue. My opinion is that for Kiltie's sake, the society take on her care and she goes up for adoption in PetSmart, with specific instructions that she is not to go to any home with dogs. This is my suggestion, so that she can enjoy the rest of her life in peace. Do you have another idea? If so, I welcome your suggestions....

Take care,

Have written extensively about Kiltie and the problems of finding properties in this province whose owners allow renters to keep their animal companions.

The residence for low-income seniors I am going to won't allow me to keep Kiltie. Such is the same for ALL low-income seniors homes in this community and throughout most of BC, including facilities subsidized, even run by, BC Housing.

The same is not true for residences run for well-off seniors, but then of course that's always a different story, isn't it? After all, the well-to-do are clean, whether they've animal companions or not, while the majority of poor people are dirty, slovenly, and live in filth, right?


In any event, it seems best to me that Kiltie come back home for the remaining days before I must move, which is the 25th of this month. Lori, Lake Cowichan Rescue and Prevost Vet Clinic will try in the meantime to find Kiltie a suitable, quiet, loving home, one without dogs. If they are unsuccessful, I will have Kiltie euthanized June 24th.

That's the only decision I am left with, isn't it? Because I'm poor.

* This low-income, disabled woman who lives with an animal companion happens to maintain the cleanest unit in the building.