Monday, February 8, 2010

Skinny Savings Slowly Sinking

As with Ocean, I have applied for CPP at the age of 60, which comes, for me, in December of this year. The CPP income will be $261 a month.

Since I retired from paid work in June of 2009, my skinny savings have been sinking.

Last year my total income was $2,646.00 which came from two part-time jobs. This year I am relying on GST rebates at $760 for the year and a meager savings account that is around $2,500. I also have the same amount in investments which dwindles as the world market continues it's nose dive.

Currently, I receive $500 a month from my roommate/friend which covers the basics to run the house. This includes hydro, water, recycling, telephone/internet, house insurance/property taxes and the wood that is burned for heat. There is even $77 left over for general household maintenance. Some repairs, such as the gutters which were torn off during 2008/09's snowy season, have been let go, as I cannot gather enough to cover the expense.

While working, I had a modicum of financial security, but that has since dissolved. As I'm an expert on making ends meet I will continue the challenge to feed, clothe, shelter myself and live with a dignity that only a person hanging on by a thread can do.

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