Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kiltie Update

Original post here, which includes the first update from 1:40 pm yesterday (see bottom of post).

At 11am this morning, I received an email from Sandi at the SPCA. She has force-fed Kiltie three times because she still refuses to eat.

So far, so good. No vomiting.

Sandi says she wants to keep Kiltie until she's had at least one good bowel movement. She also suggests that I visit Kiltie, to help relieve her stress.

A visit would also help relieve my stress.

Been scrambling to find a way to get out there. No buses go along that road or anywhere near it. I've sent an email to Daphne and one also to another person who might drive me there.

Have received cash to cover the gas expenses. It's for Kiltie.

UPDATE: Been unable to arrange a ride for today. Can't get to Kiltie. Am hoping I hear from someone so I can get to her tomorrow. The SPCA is 8.5 km away. No bus goes anywhere near it, all routes being many kilometres away so I can't even walk partway there. A taxi is way too much; got an estimate of "around" $22, one way.

Also just spoke to Sandi via the computer to tell her I wasn't able to come visit. She's giving Kiltie special food and dosed her with a treatment for hairballs. (It may be a compacted, deeply lodged hairball that is causing Kiltie to vomit.)

No vomiting since I took Kiltie in. No poop either. Sandi says if all looks OK tomorrow, then likely I can bring Kiltie home. Then we can stay in touch. My worry: Kiltie is holding everything in tight, including vomitus and stools, due to stress and that once she gets home she'll relax enough to start vomiting again.

UPDATE Feb 11, 3:00pm: Went to the SPCA today to visit Kiltie. Went with a local friend, Daisy.

Kiltie recognized me right away, as soon as I spoke to her. Came to me for pets and cuddles. Started purring and quivering her rear end, like cats do when they're very happy. She ate a few bits of kibble while I was there. Still no poops though.

I stayed for about 20 minutes. Daisy invited me to Wendy's, where we had tea and a baked potato, mine with broccoli and cheese.

UPDATE Feb 12, 11:55am: Received an email from Sandi. Kiltie is "peeing fine but no BM." She's eating a bit but very little, no vomiting. Sandi proposes I bring Kiltie home and see what she does, also feed her some human tuna, or salmon. "I'll give you some cans of what she's been eating in here.  We'll see how she is Monday and if she's still not eating and or vomiting again, we'll have to rethink."

Daphne is going to be in town today and has offered to take me to the SPCA this afternoon. So getting there isn't going to be a problem as it was on Wednesday.

I'd called a few moments previously and Sandi had been on the phone. So instead I had the opportunity to speak with Janine, another of the wonderful people at the Duncan SPCA. She said Kiltie is a sweetheart. Yea, that's my girl.

UPDATE Feb 12, 3:30pm: Kiltie is home and has already settled in. She's presently stretched out on my/our bed. I suspect she's in for a long sleep.

Brodie's reaction surprises me. This easy-going fellow, who treats other cats somewhat warily but otherwise is friendly enough with them, HISSED at Kiltie three times... so far. She does smell of where she's been, so perhaps that's why. His hissy fits haven't seemed to bother to Kiltie.


penlan said...

On the other hand once Kiltie is home she may relax enough to poop instead of vomit.

As you've told me in the past your kitties aren't used to people other than you so I'm sure that is the major contribution to Kilties stress plus being away from her home & you.

Hopefully you can bring her home today.

Chrystal Ocean said...

All true. Kiltie will hide behind the stove when anyone other than me enters this apt. Brodie hides too, but he doesn't appear to be as stressed by others' presence as Kiltie.

In ten years, the cats and I have been apart no more than a total of three weeks and those would have been during the four years of WISE work.

But I've seen Kiltie not poop for days before. During her second FLUTD bout, it took her eight days to consume one can of special food. Hence, she didn't poop often then either. Easily stressed, is Kiltie.

penlan said...

Well once she's home she can de-stress, relax, & hopefully poop. This must be such a terrifying experience for her being separated from you, Brodie, & her home. Let's hope she returns to her abode today.

Daphne Moldowin said...

Yes, both the cats that live with Ocean are very shy. The times I've visited, they are rarely seen and if one of them happend to be visible they quickly scurry for a hiding place. They are as timid as their owner!

Chrystal Ocean said...

"Owner"? Doncha mean the "owned"?

Daphne Moldowin said...

Of course. Silly me. I oughta know that, considering the demanding puss that 'owns' me.

penlan said...

Glkad you & Kiltie were able to visit together. That's cute about her wiggling her bum - lol.

Have you heard anything from the Vet yet?

Your Wendy's trip sounded delicious. :)

Chrystal Ocean said...

Sandi hasn't mentioned if she'd spoken to the vet and I keep forgetting to ask. I trust her judgement so am not concerned either way.

sassy said...

Very happy to read that you and Kiltie got an each-other fix. That must have felt soooo good for both of you.


sassy said...

More encouraging news, appreciate your updates.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Not so sure, sassy. Yes, am thrilled to bring Kiltie home, but the no-poop situation concerns me. That said, Kiltie IS prone to retain her waste if she's stressed and she is, as confirmed by the good people at the SPCA, "finicky" in terms of what she'll eat - to put it mildly. But this is one stubborn human too and usually wins the battle of wills.

If Kiltie still hasn't pooped by Monday, then there's likely a problem. Fingers crossed.

sassy said...

Yes, fingers (& paws) crossed.