Friday, February 12, 2010

Kiltie Comes Home: Pics!

From the last update to this post:

UPDATE Feb 12, 3:30pm: Kiltie is home and has already settled in. She's presently stretched out on my/our bed. I suspect she's in for a long sleep.

Brodie's reaction surprises me. This easy-going fellow, who treats other cats somewhat warily but otherwise is friendly enough with them, HISSED at Kiltie three four five times. So far. (ETA: Sigh. It's now too many times to count.) She does smell of where she's been, so perhaps that's why. His hissy fits haven't seemed to bother Kiltie.

Daphne took photos. Click on thumbnails for larger view.

UPDATE Feb 13, 5:00am: Poop! Kiltie was quite vocal when she was in the litter box, then scooted along the floor as soon as she exited. The BM was loose and substantial. I'd been expecting the opposite - hard and wee bits. Perhaps the loose stool is due to whatever had been (still is?) wrong previously in combo with upset due to her absence from home. Am hoping things solidify as the day goes on.

Brodie continues to have hissy-fits.

UPDATE Feb 14, 7:00am (and through course of night): Brodie's hissy-fits have reduced, as though he thinks a sudden cessation would be inconsistent. Between hissy-fits have been moments of love. Brodie, with ears on alert, yips his intentions while approaching Kiltie. If she'll tolerate it - as she more often does than not - he assumes Kiltie's back and tries to hump it. (Neither cat has all its equipment.)

There has been no poop since yesterday's 5:00am update. However, we haven't had our breakfast yet. If all goes according to our previous schedule, there will be a dump before noon. Fingers - and yes, paws - crossed.

By the way, Kiltie has been on my lap or at my feet almost constantly since she came home. She has always been an affectionate cat but this is somewhat more than usual. She's on my lap now, looking at me and purring loudly. It's good to feel her sweet warmth and hear her little noises again.

UPDATE Feb 15, 7:00am: Cats started playing together yesterday afternoon. No more Brodie hissy-fits. Kiltie pooped just now; looks more solid though the BM was still paler than usual. Otherwise, she seems back to her usual self.

UPDATE Feb 16, 7:00am: Kiltie vomited at 7:00am this morning. Like the incident on Feb 9th, it was rose-coloured slimey vomitus and contained what looked like only a few bits of food.

My finicky cat doesn't like the Finicky Cat food I put out this morning, so I changed it just now to Friskies Whitefish & Tuna flavour. She ate some of that. (She adores Fancy Feast Beef Feast flavour.) This food was provided by the SPCA, for which I'm grateful.

I'm used to the cats up-chucking fur balls, but not vomiting otherwise. Hope this is just an anomaly.

Reported to Sandi at SPCA. She says if this is just a random vomit, not to be concerned.

UPDATE Feb 18, 10:00am: No further vomit and Kiltie is eating and pooping normally.


penlan said...

YAY!!! What happy pics.
You look good too Ocean!!

Like you I think Brodie is hissing at the strange smells on Kiltie which probably includes the scent of other cats.

So glad everyone is together at home again. :)

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey Chrystal...Just catching up here after a busy couple of days.

YAY! Kiltie is home AND has pooped! I can just imagine the happy dance you were doing, because I was the same when Juno was having her issues in May/June. Excellent news! I hope everything continues to improve!

sassy said...


Daphne Moldowin said...

The purring, warmth and cuddling MUST have to do with Valentine's Day. Love to the three of you! xoxoxox

sassy said...

So nice to read that things continue to improve. sigh