Monday, June 27, 2011

Ocean's Move

At last, Ocean found a new home. On the first floor of a low rental unit, it's easily accessible to town for shopping, medical services and is next door to a lovely park.

It took great courage for Ocean to ask her friends for help. She was trusting enough to walk out of the old place and leave the entire job for us. We packed everything, arranged a truck with two helpers, employed a cleaning person to tidy up and then reassemble everything in the new digs. Another kind soul in the community donated the funds necessary to pay the cleaner, the only one to (rightly) receive financial remuneration.

Everything went 'swimmingly' and was complete, even to having the bed made, shower curtain hung and some prepared dinner in the fridge, in five short hours.

I feel honoured to have been a part of such a terrific team effort and am now blessed with Ocean's delight and appreciation.

I only hope I am as brave as she when it comes time for me to relocate.


sassy said...

Good news that Ocean has better housing. Really sad to read that she was not allowed to take her kitty companion.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Was in the first floor unit for 19 days, then moved to the top (3rd) floor, because the former had been terribly dark and had massively screwed up my biorhythm. Am very happy now in my bright, north-facing bachelor suite. However, I miss Kiltie desperately.

A new home still hasn't been found yet for Kiltie. I've stayed in touch with her present caregivers, Lake Cowichan Animal Rescue, and get regular reports from them. Kiltie has adjusted to her new circumstances and loves to get attention from people.