Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kiltie Update

Kiltie has gone. She went to her new home with Lori at 4pm last Friday, May 27th; and she is adjusting well.

When I visited Lori at her office Monday morning to deliver Kiltie's drinking bowl, which I'd forgotten, she told me that whenever she enters "Kiltie's room," my wee girl begins to purr and doesn't stop throughout Lori's visit. She winds and rubs herself through and about Lori's legs and has clearly made Lori her new human. The adoption has therefore gone in both directions, as I'd so fervently hoped.

Lori is very slowly, very gently, introducing Kiltie to the other residents of her new home - one other human and, presently, three male cats and four dogs. The first introduction was to Fable, a 17-year-old cat who has an ultra-calm demeanour.

As expected, Kiltie had a prolonged hissy fit. She just kept hissing and hissing at poor Fable. He observed and heard her; and remained unfazed.

When Lori peeked in some time later, she saw the two cats touching noses.


My heart wilts and I am ecstatic.

Kiltie sorely missed Brodie when he went away six or so months ago. Now she has another furry male companion to ignore, boss around or cuddle up to.

I may be able to visit Kiltie sometime next week. If not then, there'll be other occasions.

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