Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Silver Lining

A few days ago I wrote Over the Edge, where I lamented the rather large outlay of cash to remedy some fallen trees on my property after a fierce windstorm.

There IS an upside to this story and it is that two special friends, who read the post came with offers of both money, food and, of all things, an electric chainsaw! My heartfelt thanks to both of these thoughtful friends.

The other good news is that the trees did not fall on the house. No damage was done, except to my carefully tended moss gardens, which will recover in full once the debris is removed. And the faller bucked up the good parts of the trees so that I have regained at least half the cost of the clean up in next year's firewood. My neighbour is pleased, as one of the downed trees was threatening to fall on his property, more than likely to land square in the middle of his man-made pond, holding 25 year old Koi.

My finances will improve. I have already worked out a new budget to take into account the shortfall.

Time will take care of my sad heart at the loss of the trees.

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Chrystal Ocean said...

"I have already worked out a new budget to take into account the shortfall."

Then we have idiots with ten times your income and oblivious to their immediate financial environment, who can't figure out that their solution is to downsize.

It's as though having money inhibits people's ability to think in survival mode.