Monday, November 29, 2010

Back from the Dentist

A few hours ago I returned from my third visit to the office of Dr. Tom, the man who during the original consultation reduced my anxiety about seeing a dentist again after an unavoidable ten years' absence; and now...

I've got back the full function of two previously cracked teeth!! I can properly CHEW again and need no longer be wary every time I've a mouthful of food.

Dr. Tom is such an artist that those seriously cracked teeth have been rebuilt, as comparable as possible to my original whole teeth.

I've a suspicion too that Dr. Tom included a wee bit more dental work than what I was charged. At my last visit, which was to fix cracked tooth number one, some gentle drilling was done to the complementary upper molar.

But ouch!...

The total bill for the three visits, which occurred over a two-week period, is $572.40; and it all falls within the same Visa payment period, in December no less.

For that reason and another, I've postponed until late January my visit to the hygienist.

Then that will be it. I'll have not only whole teeth, but sparkling, professionally clean ones.

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penlan said...

Good for you! Healthy teeth, & mouth, make all the difference.