Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sometimes Good Things Happen

Posted the following notice to my apartment building's bulletin board about a week ago:


I need someone to carry a 40 lb bag of wood pellets to my 3rd-floor apartment.

Unit 311

No response... despite several able-bodied tenants who could do this without breaking a sweat.

My plan was to go with friend Daisy to Shar-kare in Duncan; have them place the bag of pellets into her car; once here, somehow manoeuvre the 40 lbs down six steps, through a heavy locked main entry door and across several feet of hallway; dump the bag, with a resounding thump, under the ground-floor stair landing; and attach this note to it: For Unit 311.

Best-laid plans...

Given the lack of response from my most immediate neighbours I posted a SERVICE WANTED message to my local recycle ReUSEIt1 site... and received this response mere minutes later.

Hi, I can carry it up for you... I work days and have variable hours available... Can you arrange and pay for the item and I will pick it up from the store for you and deliver it one evening? Feel free to phone me, Stacey at thanks

Picture yours truly donning her headphones, then using Skype to key in Stacey's phone number.

We talked.

Turns out that Shar-kare has a branch in Nanaimo that's virtually next door to where Stacey works.

Stacey suggested that rather than my going to the Duncan store, he get the pellets for me in Nanaimo. Then he'll bring them by at a time to suit his schedule - likely sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Sometimes people let you down. Other times, thanks to people like Stacey, they don't; and good things happen.

1 We used to be associated with the ReUseIt network, which I mention in the linked post. Now we're with the ReUseIt Network - and here is the Cowichan group!

ETA: This morning, two three four other men responded to my free recycle post. After the disappointing lack of response from the tenants in this building, this has been reassuring.

ETA 2: See follow-up post.

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Daphne Moldowin said...

Mucho thanks to all the Franks in the world !