Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

First, it's my birthday today. Sixty years of age. I made it!

Second, my name, the WISE book and economicus ridiculous get mentions in an article today in The Tyee.

The writer has done a good job on the issue. That's no surprise coming from The Tyee, an independent media organization that does British Columbians proud.


Kim said...

Great plug Chrystal! Good for you! She mentioned your problems with the application process. I have negociated the CPP Disability application process. If you want I could probably help.

Daphne Moldowin said...

Happy Birthday, my friend.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Thank you for the offer Kim. However, the CPP Disability Pension criteria are too restrictive to qualify me for it.

According to them, if one does walk X number of blocks to go shopping - there's no alternative for me, to hell with how much pain I'm in - then one can walk X number of blocks to go shopping. If one does (cursorily) wash floors and prepare meals - regardless how simple the meals must be because of the pain of standing - and so on, then one can do those tasks.

Whether one SHOULD be doing any of those things, or whether doing them is worsening your condition is irrelevant.

Deanna said...

Happy birthday!

Kim said...

I get what you're saying, and my symptoms too were largely internal and not obvious and I got approval. It's not immpossible if you want to sit down one day and try, I'll come help. If it's too stressful, I understand.

Meantime, in my haste I forgot to wish you a very happy birthday. It's official, you're a grown woman! And published today too! All the best, my friend! Norman Farrell (Northern Reflections) has some pictures up of his new addition today.

Anonymous said...

Blessings Chrystal! And Many Happy Returns!