Saturday, April 3, 2010

Walking a Mile for Free Shoes

Actually, it was 10.2 kilometres, round trip.

Am stiff, sore, and my bad hip is worse than it has ever been. It began grinding something fierce when I was about two-thirds of the way there.

No matter. Am happy as a clam on a sandy beach.

This morning someone posted an offer on my local ReUseIt network, for a pair of gently used women's size 7 Sauconys. Original price for these high-quality runners was $119, plus tax.

So I walked that long distance because: i) the bus doesn't go that far, ii) I'd only a $20 bill; no change for the required exact fare, iii) I was loathe to spend money for bus fare anyway, and iv) the return bus wouldn't be by until three hours later.

Standing is worse for my back than walking, so using the bus seemed rather pointless. (As it happens, few Cowichan Transit stops have benches, let alone shelters.)

The choice, therefore, reduced to walking that ten kilometres or missing out on a free pair of Sauconys. I walked.

When I got there, I found the shoes under the carport, where the woman said she'd leave them for me. They were still in their original box.

My ten-year-old runners, the ones with great slashes across both soles, are by the door, ready for the trash bin. Only the shoe laces have been saved.


sassy said...

That's quite a hike. Enjoy your new shoes (my Mom always told me that the E. Bunny left only chocolate, but I guess she was wrong) ;)

Chrystal Ocean said...

Ugh. Was so sore last night I had trouble sleeping. Other than that I'd have slept like the dead.

Finally got up at 5am.

Must go to the grocery store that is further away today. Am out of veggie protein and there are no deals on tofu, etc. at the one that's closer and whose regular prices are always higher.

One way to look at today's trek; perhaps my new runners will ease pressure on the hip and the balls of my feet and so reduce the limping. If not, perhaps (a bit) more walking will lessen the stiffness.

Diane said... was me who left the shoes. If I'd known you had to walk I certainly would have dropped them off for you. I understand sore joints - I had two knee replacements a couple of years ago and had been walking with crutches before that. Last fall I walked the Royal Victoria 8k with no pain. Such a change. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the shoes and that they make your hip and back pain a little better.