Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BC Municipality Enacts Canada's First Living Wage Bylaw

It's New Westminster, which has been at the forefront of other poverty-reduction campaigns.
Living wage bylaws set a wage 'floor' above the minimum wage for workers who work directly for the city, for firms that receive contracts from the city, and firms that receive economic development money from the city.

"Once the policy is implemented, all direct and indirect workers (contract workers, etc.) performing work on City premises will earn a wage no lower than $16.74," [Dave] Tate [of BC ACORN] said in an email.
How about other BC municipalities and the province following New West's example? Heck, why not municipalities and provinces/territories throughout Canada?

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Chris said...

I hope not. I've never made more than that wage but have often worked for companies that lose money. I guess that might qualify me as 'working poor' but I'm fiscally responsible & still invest & save money. The last thing I want is for my property taxes (I can't afford my own home, but I own two small multi-families that cost less than a house in hometown, together) to be raised even further to compensate people more generously paid than I am & I know for a fact that my razor-thin-profit-margins employer can barely afford to pay me now.

If you squeeze the private sector too much, which this will, it will just dry up & blow away & then you won't be able to afford to govern. It's the private sector that drives the entire economy, the public sector just leeches off of it. If you aren't nice to business, it will just find another government that is & pay taxes there.

My mom works at a government liquor store. I used to have a really easy job that paid 25K per annum less than that. One time I told my job how easy it was & she said 'It sounds like you're overpaid.' I said 'I admit it, but it's privately funded. You're obscenely overpaid & the bill for it is being sent to taxpayers like me.' Typical government employee, 'I'm not overpaid!' I was also working at a busier grocery store at the time making less than half her wage.

If the government wants to help the working class, of which I am a member (seems I need to overemphasize that whenever I disagree with the left) it should stop making us pay for all the overcompensated public servants at the trough. Start by privatizing the liquor stores, lottery tickets & casinos & go from there.