Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seniors Housing and Kiltie

Am in the process of applying for local low-income seniors housing and prospects are good that accommodation will be available sooner rather than later. It means that Kiltie and I must part, which breaks my heart; but the situation in this building has so deteriorated that it's no longer just about my needs but hers.

Over the past two years, as old tenants have vacated the premises, new tenants of a rougher sort have moved in. We've had so many police cruisers arriving so many times at all exits of this building over the past 18 months or so that I've lost count. Ambulances too, to deal with overdosed addicts.

There've been numerous violent incidents and I'm fairly certain, due to the high traffic at certain times of the day, that drug dealing is occurring next door. Constantly, doors are opening and slamming shut and loud voices in the hallways. There's total disregard for other tenants.

The couple managing this building seem not to care. In fact, conversations with them suggest they envision this residence - which has several longterm tenants who are seniors, most with health issues - becoming something like their own drug rehab centre. Which in one respect is fine, but their judgement in terms of who qualifies as a reliable, quiet, recovering addict vs. one who is not and/or someone who still deals drugs is severely in question.

The couple also seem to have a division of labour policy. He manages the grounds - and is doing a decent job and appears to enjoy it. She is responsible for the interior.

This building of 31 units is filthy.

To compare... I live in a bachelor apartment. I vacuum once a week. I dust everyday, clean up spills as they occur, and wipe down the floors at least once a week. I live alone and am 60 years old. I have osteoporosis, and chronic back pain, which is worsening.

The resident manager and his wife are middle-aged and able-bodied. This building gets vacuumed once a month, if we're lucky. I can't remember the last time the sticky, dirt-encrusted stairwells were washed. I am loathe to touch the handrails, but to maintain my balance, I must.

I love my bright, open, little bachelor apartment. I hate this building. That wasn't always the case, back when it used to have an excellent reputation.

The noise in this place has not only affected me, it has affected Kiltie. We've both been used to peace and quiet. Now all is in upheaval. The poor little thing no sooner falls asleep than unfamiliar, loud noises wake her up. We're both anxious and not doing well.

Because no low-income seniors housing anywhere in this community allows pets, there's no choice but for us to part.

This has been coming a long time and I've put it off because it was always about me, my health, my stupid back which keeps getting worse, my guilt.

With the help of friends, I am told Kiltie will find a new forever home, one perhaps close and compassionate enough to allow me to visit Kiltie. That's the hope anyway.

My friends have helped push me to this necessary decision, but it's hard. Now it's only a matter of how long it will take to find Kiltie her new forever home and another one for her human.


Daphne Moldowin said...

Oh, Ocean ! I didn't realize how bad your living situation has become. I only notice how clean, tidy and welcoming your apartment is when I visit. I hope you are not going to be moving too far away.

I shall put the word out that Kiltie is looking for a quiet loving home.

Paxar Technologies corp said...

Miz Ocean.
So sorry that things are getting anxious in your place. I know you have been happy there, but maybe a new place with fewer stairs will be helpful to you?

It will be hard for you to part with Kiltie, I know - she has been such a comfort for you...

When you find a place to move, please let me know. I have a great trailer and a van and am very very happy to help you move!

Chrystal Ocean said...

Visited the place yesterday where I'll be moving to. They're shifting me to the top of the list due to the urgency of my situation. The move could be within a few weeks or a couple of months.

So concerned about Kiltie. I was sick for a few days and she was such a dear. Never left me and groomed my head a couple of times; the feel of her raspy little tongue was soothing.

Teri, thank you for your offer of help. Packing is where I'll need assistance most I think. My back gets so sore from standing, bending. Irony is that I can - and do - walk for miles with little to no pain; it's the only relief I get these day. But one can't do cooking, cleaning, laundry folding, packing, ... while walking. :-( :-)