Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raw Foodie, eh?

So ya may (or may not) wanna know about my eating habits lately... I'm right into a RAW VEGAN DIET which began in July 2009, moving along from vegan to raw vegan. Not such a leap as I thought, initially. The recipes took some getting used to. I shopped at Church Bazaars, garage sales and second hand stores to find 'new' appliances needed in my kitchen. At first, I was gritting my teeth with worry about 'getting it right' in meeting all my nutritional requirements but have found that raw vegan is not much different from vegan, in that regard.

The benefits from this diet are many. I've lost the craving for sweets; have stopped looking for snacks to eat in the evenings; notice an increase in mental clarity; am far less tired during the day; the bloating I was suffering from has disappeared; there has been a slow but steady weight loss and an overall feeling of delightful well-being.

However, I am not eating everything raw. I indulge in the occasional baked potato/yam or I may steam some broccoli. The raw foodies would say I was about '97% raw' (now THAT sounds a little weird!)

I'm saving a wee bit of money, too: on the hydro bill, as the electric stove-top isn't used as often and there are fewer dishes to wash up. Also, the overall grocery bill is lower, as I'm definitely eating less.

Someone asked me if I feel the cold more because none of the food is heated. No, actually, I don't and some of the food IS warmed up. I use a dehydrator when called for and the entrees I make are often warm at time of serving. Like a dish called Canadian Neatsticks... yummy!

I admit this style of eating is not for everyone, but I'm pleased to say it is working for me.


Chrystal Ocean said...

What a gorgeous photo!

I want to start on the same road, from vegan (already that) to raw vegan. Intended to buy a food dehydrator from London Drugs last week, but dimly recalled the sale price last summer being $20 less than the sale price now. Ergo, I didn't buy the thing.

Daphne Moldowin said...

I'm assuming you have put a request on the freecycle site for the specific dehydrator you want, yes?

Daniel said...

I never felt good when I was a vegetarian, and I suspect I may have been doing it wrong. Eating too much processed food and not enough fruits and vegetables, for example. Thanks for the perspective on raw foods.