Thursday, December 23, 2010

SAFER Means...

a vacuum cleaner!

While I posted Wanted messages for a vacuum cleaner several times to my local Recycle/ReUseIt online site, it never resulted in my getting one I could use: an upright cleaner that is powerful but lightweight.

Finally getting rental assistance through SAFER has meant being able to get this little gem:

I'd intended to wait to the next day to try it out, knowing the trip there and back and my early-morning housework would have done me in and caused flaring up of the pain.

Do you think I followed through on that intention?

Of course not. After friend Daisy left - she had taken me to London Drugs to get the vacuum cleaner and helped with the unpacking and assembly -, objects were moved out of the way, including a 30lb bag of kitty litter.

Vacuuming ensued. Pain soared.

Did I stop?

Of course not. Objects again were moved and the mop and floor cleaning solution came out.

Mopping ensued. Pain spiked close to level 10.

But my little place was cleaner and more shiny than it had been in a very long time. Kinda made the pain almost endurable.

No. I guess it didn't.

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