Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dishwashing Liquid

I've been running low on dishwashing liquid for several months. My technique to make it last has been to pour what remains into a liquid soap dispenser and use only a drop at a time. Then, when what's left gets too low to be sucked up by the plunger, I add water. Again and again. The stuff is so diluted by now that I'm using more drops.

Being loathe to spend any portion of my $67 per month 'discretionary' budget (what's left after paying shelter costs) on dishwashing liquid and the situation having become dire, today I wrote a WANTED post to my local ReUseIt place.

Jan 24/10 15:00
WANTED - Hand dish detergent - Duncan (Cairnsmore)

Have you (hand) dish detergent you no longer use, perhaps because you don't wash dishes by hand anymore and instead use a dishwasher? If so, would welcome the detergent you've got left.

and got the following response:

Jan 24/10 15:38
RE: WANTED - Hand dish detergent - Duncan (Cairnsmore)

Well hello i am to your rescue again, i have 5 bottles of dish soap you can have. 2marrow about 12:30 ok.

We ReUseIt Networkers are a community (I'd just given away two items that same day). This man had responded to a couple of my previous WANTED requests. By now, we don't even have to state the pickup location.

So now I can stop worrying about spending $2.xx for dishwashing liquid and can use the money instead for food.

Since I acquired a FREE, NEW Swiffer WetJet mop back in the summer, I've been on the lookout for WetJet pads too. Cleaning floors on my hands and knees just isn't working for me anymore. Haven't been as lucky in regard to the WetJet pads and I refuse to buy the darn things. Am thinking washable alternatives; they're better for the environment anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Re the Swiffer Wet Jet: why spend money on use-once-and -discard pads when you can just use a washable rag ? I wet a small towel, wring it well and attach it to the Wet Jet. It works fine.